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She is passionate about connecting children to themselves and to the natural world.

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Blueberries for Snack

One of the most wonderful aspects of my home daycare is snack during blueberry season. Earlier this week one of the littlest children that I care for decided to take care of herself by plopping down in the blueberry patch in our play area and eating.

september adventures 008

I liked that she decided to take care of herself, and trusted me to watch out for her, but not smother her. She only ate the blue berries, none of the shriveled up rotten ones, or still green- late bloomers. She was so proud of herself too.

This same toddler, will pick her own cherry tomatoes and eat up!

Blueberry season is nearing its end. Luckily, we harvested pounds and pounds of delicious ripe berries, which are now frozen and ready for the winter pancakes, muffins, snacks and whatever we can cook up in the kitchen.

The end of blueberry season is one of the first signs of autumn. I enjoy eating them during the summer, but now I start to long for pumpkin pie and squash muffins.

Farewell blueberries… see you next year! (Yeah!)

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