Shannon has a M.S. in Geology, is a teacher in a Waldorf School and has background as a children's yoga teacher.

She is passionate about connecting children to themselves and to the natural world.

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What’s Happening Wednesday

*** Wednesday comes too often.I feel like I just finished the last edition and I’m back at it again sifting through twitter finding all the great stuff from this week. I know I miss huge numbers of awesome articles. So consider this a snippet of what I am taking inventory of this week. Remember too that I forget stuff all the time, so if you read or write something great- send it to me! {Please!}

Rhode Island

Friday the 12th is the Mamaste Mother’s Circle with Erin of Mamas get a little Valentines Day Treat in for yourselves!

Author Pat Hastings {Simply a Woman of Faith} is leading a great program on Monday Feb. 15th on Spiritual Resiliency. She is a very cool woman with style and class… if you can’t make the class- get her book. It’s worth every penny.

Go birding this weekend at any of the great natural places we have in our wonderful state… it’s the Great Backyard Bird Count! Other’s else where please do the same!

Around the Internet

Being able to roam, explore, create and play are some of the greatest skills for children. Sue was inspired to write this post by the Free Range Guru herself.  Did you have a Free Range childhood?

Finally proof! The NAEYC has written about the importance of nature based play and gardening in early childhood. Here ya go! There’s proof!

From Camp Creek Press {this blog was totally new to me this week and I am SO glad I found it – or it found me}. Education is being driven by testing, rather then by raising healthy, happy children. This is a must read for everyone pondering school choices!

What magical characters have inspired you to connect with nature? Toffee the Highland Cow shares some outdoor activities that lots of kids will love! Also from Marghanita beautiful pictures to inspire trekking into the woods to hunt for….

Another great post about enticing kids to play outside more! Nature is such a magical place and Caro writes of this with such ease.

Leave the references at home and go outside, explore, be adventurous, let go of the fear of not “knowing”. Bethe writes of all the great reasons why… and gives us some ways to learn what we don’t know!

A couple from the Nature Mama team, pulled together this week to write about great kids gear tips for those preparing for the snow (oh boy we need this!)

My first guest post over at Loving Nature’s Garden! Thanks once again Alison and all the rest of you, go birding this weekend and learn about some birds!

Back Home in My Backyard

We’re snowed in! We only got a few inches but it’s “wet” snow perfect for making snowman and snowballs.

Today, as the snow fell, we made Valentines Day cookies and Jeremiah painted what will become cards.

We went for a walk, at dusk, in the snow- my little man on the sled, me pulling, the pine trees dumping their little balls of snow on us the whole way.

We made a snowman!

Yesterday, in preparation for this storm, my under 4 year olds helped carry in about 7 loads of wood and had SO MUCH fun. When we needed a break from the work we went on a little walk {also to get the baby to sleep} the kids found a pile of old snow that is mixed with rocks and pine needles and proceeded to climb up and run down giggling!

I have spent less time online this week, but more “quality” time finding great blogs… and I am just in awe of the blogosphere and humbled to be a part of this great network of vast intelligence and information.

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6 Responses to “What’s Happening Wednesday”

  • Alison Kerr says:

    I’m so glad you found Camp Creek Press – one of my very favorite blogs to visit. Love, love, love what Lori has to say. Many of her thoughts are mine, but she is SO much more eloquent about education.

    And Marghanita’s Toffee the Highland Cow is just perfect, considering we are both Scots and my very favorite candy when I was a kid was called Highland Toffee.

    Great list!
    .-= Alison Kerr´s last blog ..Mama, I’d Like to Learn About Birds =-.

  • Shannon says:

    I am just enthralled with CCP now.

    This week was really fun to put together… all these great posts!
    Thank you!

  • Mel says:

    Lots of great links here (and I’m not just saying that because one was to my site ;)

  • Shannon says:

    thanks Mel! I love you webpage… and am glad you enjoyed the links here- this was one of my favorite editions of WHW to put together! Thanks you!

  • JudithCohenb says:

    Shannon, I just discovered your blog thanks to your Dad who’s here at the moment. It’s just wonderful! I will get totally into it and send Maia your way too. This is great work and so much fun!

  • Shannon says:

    Judith- I am so delighted that you have enjoyed my blog! I enjoy it too… hope you enjoy your time away and we’ll have to get together one of these months when I come up to Boston~ I love seeing you!

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