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Finishing Out 2010

I am delighted to close out 2010… it was truly one of the hardest years of my life. As I reflect on this past year, I look towards a more graceful landing then my son’s sledding for 2011.

I sit here today at my lovely desk in the corner of the living room, my son is playing nicely with his new toys, the Christmas tree is sparkling with the distant hum of flames dancing in the wood stove just across the room.

We’re snowed in.

I have a fresh cup of espresso and my cheeks are still red from shoveling snow and carrying wood.

The wind is wild outside and the branches of pine trees are dipping into the snow from the weight of last night’s storm. Snow drifts dance with the wind.

The chickens are still sleeping- or are huddled together keeping warm inside their coop.

And I reflect on this year.

It has been a big one.

I had so many plan including garden expansion, building a backyard nature trail, traveling, writing more, etc.

And I didn’t get to most of them; nice thing is that I started all the projects and they can carry over into 2011.

This year, however, I want to focus on FUN:

Today as we shoveled the drive (well partially, our neighbor plowed us out most of the way); we had a snow ball fight.

Although I grumbled about stacking wood, I hummed while I did it.

I’ve made countless vehicles with the pieces to my son’s new workbench.

I’ve been enjoying what’s happening right here in front of me, because I really do have a choice to be happy in each moment.

And how bout you? How are you doing going into 2011?

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